Louisiana Professions With the Highest Divorce Rate [2024 Updated]

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Divorce is never easy or something you expect to go through when the marriage begins. It may feel intimidating, but more likely than not, this can be the beginning of a new chapter in life. However, you must get through the divorce process first. Speak with a qualified Louisiana divorce lawyer who can guide you through the divorce every step of the way, removing some of the stress during an already overwhelming time.

Louisiana Professions With the Highest Divorce Rate

The professions whose workers are most likely to see their marriage end in divorce include dancers and choreographers (43%), bartenders (38%), and massage therapists (38%). Divorce is also common among casino/gaming staff, adult entertainers/exotic dancers, military supervisors, healthcare workers, flight attendants, and telemarketers/telephone operators.

Divorce Statistics Across the Country

It can be difficult to ascertain the exact statistics regarding divorce in the U.S. partly because the majority of data comes from the United States Census Bureau, which primarily expresses divorce rates as the number of divorces per 1,000 women aged 15 or above (encompassing the minimum age to marry within most states). Alternative methods of expressing divorce data are sometimes used but pose statistical inaccuracies.

Additionally, if a woman were to divorce and remarry before the next census report, her marital status would have appeared not to have changed, and the divorce would not necessarily be recorded. Men who marry and divorce other men are also excluded from this method of data collection.

The overall rate for both marriages and divorces is declining. Accurate and comprehensive divorce data can be challenging and time-consuming to analyze, but here are some general statistics about divorce in the United States:

  • The divorce rate in the US in 2022 was 14.56 divorces per 1,000 women. This was a slight increase from the year before, but the overall rate is still declining. 2020 and 2021 had seen the lowest rates in 40 years.
  • It’s estimated that only 31 percent of men are the ones to initiate their divorce, making women more than two times as likely to be the ones to file for divorce.
  • The median duration of marriages is roughly 19 years. 41% of married couples reach 25 years of marriage, while only 2% reach 60 years.
  • The median age of men when they divorce for the first time is 42.6. For women, it’s 40.1. Spouses married between the ages of 20 and 25 have a 60 percent chance of getting divorced, while those who wait until they’re 26 or older to get married have only a 36 percent chance of getting divorced.
  • The most common reasons that contributed to divorce, according to divorced couples, included lack of commitment, extramarital affairs, too many arguments, married too young, money problems, substance abuse, domestic violence, physical illness, and strife over in-law relationships.

Louisiana Divorce Statistics

Below are some statistics about divorces in the state of Louisiana:

Louisiana is tied with New York for the state with the lowest rate of marriages, with only 44 percent of the population reporting to be married to their partner. Louisiana is also among the top ten states with the lowest divorce rate, although this is likely influenced by the low and declining number of marriages. The state is tied for the seventh lowest divorce rate per 1,000 people, 2.2, alongside Georgia, New Jersey, and New York.

The average total cost of a divorce in Louisiana is somewhere in the range of $5,000 to $15,000. Divorces will be more expensive for couples with children. If the spouses agree on all divorce issues and don’t choose to hire legal counsel, their divorce expenses may be under $1,000 in total.


Q: What Career Field Has the Highest Divorce Rate?

A: According to a study from Radford University, published in the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, the dancer/choreographer career field has the highest divorce rate, 43.1 percent. This is followed by bartenders at 38.4 percent and massage therapists at 38.2 percent.

Other occupations in the top 10 professions likely to see divorce amongst its workers include gaming/casino managers and workers, flight attendants, and health/medical care workers.

Q: What Is the Divorce Rate in 2024?

A: Divorce rates within the U.S. in 2024 reveal that approximately between 35% and 50% of first-time marriages result in divorce, 60% of second marriages, and 70% or higher for subsequent marriages.

Divorce rates on a state level are directly related to the number of marriages in that state. Louisiana has one of the lowest divorce rates, 2.2%, but also one of the lowest marriage rates in the country, with only 44% of its population being married.

Q: Who Initiates Divorce More Statistically?

A: A Stanford University study concluded that nearly 69 percent of women start a divorce, making the wife the one statistically more likely to initiate divorce. The same study found that in non-marital relationships, men and women are equally as likely to end the partnership. Reasons why women may be the party to more frequently dissolve a marriage include their needs being unmet, life-work imbalance, and infidelity from the husband.

Q: What Is the #1 Cause of Divorce?

A: A study by the University of Denver found that the most common reason for divorce nationally was a lack of commitment, which was the primary cause of 75% of divorces. This is followed by infidelity, a leading reason for 59.6% of divorces, and excessive conflict/irreconcilable differences, the main factor in 57.7% of divorces.

Other common issues observed before the decision to divorce are marrying too young, financial problems, alcoholism/substance abuse, and communication difficulties.

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