Baton Rouge Wills Lawyer

Baton Rouge Wills Lawyer

Wills Attorney in Baton Rouge, LA

A will is a legal document that allows you to determine who receives your property upon your death. Wills can be constructed to meet many specific wishes and family needs. In most cases, a properly drafted will allows a person to maintain significant control over how property is inherited.

Without a will, all control over how assets are distributed is lost, and the state decides what to do with your property. When a will is drafted properly, you will have the options to:

  • Establish a testamentary trust
  • Provide for independent administration of your estate
  • Designate the executor of your estate
  • Provide for contingencies, such as an heir predeceasing you

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In Louisiana, wills are even trickier because of the unique succession laws, community property regime, usufruct law, and forced heirship, to name a few. Also, Louisiana has very specific requirements as to what qualifies as a valid will.

We strongly encourage you to seek the advice of a Baton Rouge wills lawyer to help you prepare a will, or to review one you have written yourself in order to ensure you successfully navigate these potential traps.