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Louisiana Professions With the Highest Divorce Rate [2024 Updated]

Divorce is never easy or something you expect to go through when the marriage begins. It may feel intimidating, but more likely than not, this can be the beginning of a new chapter in life.…

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2024 How Does a Divorce Affect My Pension in Louisiana?

In Louisiana, the state recognizes marital, or community, property, which decrees that any assets or debts collected during the marriage of two people are equally shared between them. Examples of community property are the marital…

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2024 How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Louisiana?

There are many considerations facing anyone who may be contemplating getting a divorce. While not necessarily the biggest concern, and certainly not the most important, the cost of filing and proceeding with petitioning for a…

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Family Law at Magnolia Law – We’re Here to Help

Family law matters can be complex and emotionally charged. If you are facing a legal issue related to your family, you need a knowledgeable and compassionate family law lawyer to guide you through the process.…

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